Shoelace Clamp

We were asked to make concepts of shoelace clamp allowing to get lacing faster and easier.
Some ideation directions are shown below.

Clamp for laces in the form of springy clasp made of plastic/metal.
The length of the clamp can vary to fasten 2, 3, 4 intersections of the laces. Can be upgraded with magnets located at the ends of the fastener.
The fastener consists of two identical parts, which are interconnected by an elastic element.
Laces are passed through the fastener, cut to the desired length, and fixed by tying knots on the inside of the shoe.
The fastener is springy piece of plastic or steel having curved shape.
The central part of this element has a small relief to prevent the laces of slipping.
Fastener locks by pulling laces' loops. Pushing on the sides makes material deformation, so that the relief stops snuggling against the shoelace.
Clamp is a single part with guides for laces.
The clamp can be closed just by pulling out the laces.
Pulling out rib on its center makes sides go towards each other while decreasing friction and releasing laces.
Case body of this stopper has a spring controlled insert fixing laces inside. It can be unfastened by pushing the button.
This concept combines mechanical and magnet fixation. It was chosen for further development and evaluation in 3D.
Concept evaluation in 3D. Search of more compact configurations, providing enough fixation, check sizes and proportions.
The final concept combines pros of magnetic fixation and mechanical structure which allows to release the clamp only in one direction – by pulling up and apart the opposite sides while slightly pushing on the center. At the same time it holds all pressure coming from shoe side perfectly. Magnetic and mechanical properties are improved by adding steel inserts. Magnets stick to each other and to steel inserts as well.
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