Combining stiff and flexible frame components with stretchy material and zips, the Wormhole Folding Seat offers a strong yet lightweight form, durability, and efficient storage when disassembled
Folding seat concept

This folding seat is mainly intended for use in multifunctional public spaces. It consists of two identical framed planes of fabric that can be fixed into a single-volume seat using zips. The frames of the planar components each incorporate two stiff arc elements connected by flexible linear sections. The frame is strong and can hold any body weight successfully. The stretchy fabric allows for the contortion of the planes and the assembly of the seat.
The assembly process involves bending one planar component in on itself using circular half-zippers. Then, two planar components are attached by linking the arc elements of the first plane and the linear elements of the second plane. This is done using four external perimeter zips. Finally, the second plane is bent in on itself using two circular halfzippers.
Wormhole Folding Seat allows a multifunctional interior space to be organised for different events quickly and easily. It takes up little space when disassembled and stored. Its lightweight planar components are easily shifted. As they can be stacked, they allow many seats to be moved at once, and they make delivery convenient. The stretchy material is easy to keep clean, and the seats can be produced with different colours, prints (which can be customised), and seam patterns.

RED DOT DESIGN AWARD: best of the best 2011
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